The last reflection

The term was ended.This is my last reflection. The lesson is the one of the most important lessons for me. I have learnt so many things in this lesson. It is one of the most useful lesson in I got for 4 years.This lesson should be in the first year. I have learnt so many things in this lesson but I have no chance to apply these informations.

If the lesson was in the first year, I would be more succesfull. There are many easy way to prepare a project. I also prepared a website When we started the semester, I didn’t think the lesson will be so useful. The part of writing refection was so boring but I enjoyed with the activities. students will be so lucky beacuse I know so many way to teach English by using technology. Thank you teacher..



I was absent last week but I learned the topic from my friends. Teacher talked about creating website. I did a website at the first class it was a bit hard experience for me. But there is an easy way to create a new website. It is www. weebly.com You can easily have a website.



This week the topic was podcasting. I heard something about it but I don’t have enough knowledge about it. I learned everything that I need about this topic.

There are so many advantage of using podcasting in education. We can access listenng records easily. we can download them if we want to carry.We can easily create a podcast from a digital audio file.


Storyjumper and digital storytelling..

This week we talked about storyjumper and digital storytelling. I have prepared a digital story for a lesson but I don’t know the storyjumper. Teacher shared a video about how can we use storyjumper. I watched it and I learned how can I prepare a book. I have prepared a book for my friend on a website. I have also published it so I am experienced about it.I can attract my students attention with these videos. I can ask my students to prepare a story book on storyjumper It is a  useful website.


twitter and facebook

This week we talked about twitter and facebook. The teacher asked who has no twitter and facebook account and why. He talked about their functions and how we can use them in education . I have twitter and facebook accounts. I think, I will use them as a teacher.



I didn’t go to class I had to talk abut the topic of the lesson.I aslo search it on the internet. I get some information about it.I learned that it is online classrom.If you use it, you don’t have to go to school.

With wiziq you don’t lose time by going to school. It is useful for students who lives in monopols.It is a big chance for students and teachers.


Nicenet vs. Dekoes

LAst week out topic is nicenet and dekoes. Teacher gave some information about these two tools. They are used for creating online classroom.These are also useful materials. Teacher can give home work and add some materials for students.

I think dokeos is more useful. Because we can do many things with it.Nicenet is a bit complicated.We can prepare quizes for students on dokeos.Nicenets features are conferencing, scheduling etc.Dokeos features are tests, chats, forum etc.

I hope I have a chance to use them in the future.